About Us




Founded in 2009, TMT Capital Partners, LLC is a private investment firm that makes control investments in differentiated middle market and lower–middle market manufacturing, distribution, and business to business service companies. In addition, the firm occasionally provides advisory services to select middle market, lower–middle market, and growth businesses where its experience can add true value to a company as it strives to accomplish its objectives.

As an independent sponsor, TMT Capital Partners, LLC is not subject to the capital deployment schedules, hold period restrictions, or other requirements that govern the investment processes of traditional private equity funds. As such, we can be thoughtful about the opportunities that we review, selective about the businesses in which we invest, and interactive with the management teams of our portfolio companies. Our only objective is to identify high quality opportunities, partner with strong management teams, and work together to drive business value.

Although we actively seek investment opportunities represented by intermediaries running narrow processes, we spend much of our time evaluating companies and portfolios of companies (including Direct Secondary Transactions) that come to us through non–traditional sources. Many of these businesses possess unique characteristics, challenges, requirements, or growth profiles that may not position them well for traditional auction processes or private equity investors.

Our ability to analyze unique circumstances, collaborative approach, operating orientation and creativity allows us to identify interesting investment opportunities and create value in situations where others may not. We seek opportunities with the following criteria:

  • Companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and business to business service sectors
  • Established businesses, generally with $0 to $7.5 million in EBITDA
  • Control required
  • Platform investments headquartered in the United States, with a Midwestern preference
  • Preference for businesses with capable management teams
  • Manageable portfolio leverage (for direct secondary opportunities)
  • Select stressed situations with cooperative lenders

Attractive investment opportunities will include companies that exhibit many, if not all of the following characteristics:

  • Providers of niche products and services
  • Small players in large, fragmented markets
  • Discernible competitive differentiation
  • Modest capital expenditure requirements
  • Users to technology rather than developers of next generation products and services
  • Liquidity for funds at the tail–end of life cycle seeking cash for remaining portfolio
  • Divest legacy portfolios assets, allowing general partners to focus on recent investments and new business opportunities
  • Generate cash to deploy in core assets with higher return potential
  • Distributions to LPs seeking liquidity
  • Efficient transactions involving a single buyer and little reliance on the financing markets
  • Private equity groups seeking to actively manage their capital, portfolio, and human resources
  • Funds winding down operations
  • Hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, family offices, and private investors who wish to reduce exposure to direct investments or seeking accelerated returns on prior investments
  • Corporations seeking to shed non–core investments
  • Owners seeking liquidity for estate planning purposes
  • Limited Partners/investors seeking liquidity